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Welcome to Southern Alberta District 

Cathy Olson
District Director

Welcome to Southern Alberta Pionairs 2018, now 703 members strong and growing. We balance the serious nature of our Pionairs organization with fun and involvement at our luncheons and with other activities. We encourage member participation on a Board level and Member level.

On an ongoing basis at our luncheon functions, we keep you informed on AC news, and your pension and benefit status, and always have an Open Microphone segment. We like new ideas, and test your airline knowledge with contests, and draws.

The Calgary Chapter we are proud to say, has adopted a Christmas family, for the last 3 of 4 years. Our Member support is strong and growing. To continue this worthy project, we need a Member committee formed.

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Southern Alberta District Board

Photo taken December 5, 2017.

Left to Right: Mike Cush, Member Coordinator; Liz Smith, Courtesy Coordinator, our board Santa, Stella Leblanc, Secretary; Alexandra Slawek, Social Coordinator; Irene (Rene) Hale, Treasurer, Wendy Kraft, Past District Director.

Wendy Kraft, Past District Director