Air Canada Pionairs Stories

There are many reasons retirees choose to join Pionairs:

  • keeping in touch with past work acquaintances
  • meeting new friends
  • learning about our Pension Committee activity
  • learning new computer applications
  • reading regular updates in the Alliance
  • attending coffee meetings and special events in various Districts
  • accessing the Pionairs website
  • and garnering full Membership support from subject matter experts.

We have produced 4 videos (2 English and 2 French) of Pionairs members and their story of how joining Pionairs became their next chapter after retirement.

Please share these videos with Air Canada retirees who have not yet joined Pionairs. We’d love to welcome them to the next chapter in their lives! Simply click on the "Click here to join the Pionairs" button on the right.

And remember, the retiree’s spouse/partner will also enjoy the many benefits of membership including Pionairs helping Pionairs.

Welcome to the Air Canada Pionairs website, an information site for those Air Canada retirees who have joined the Pionairs.

In order to have full access to this site you must be a Pionair Member in good standing. If you are, we welcome you to login (see right panel). If you are not a member please join us using the buttons provided (again in the right panel).

If you are having any problems logging in, please click on the "Support" menu item above.

Air Canada Pionairs was founded in 1977 as a federally registered not for profit and non-political organization whose Bylaws (incorporated April 27, 1979) have been approved by the Corporations Directorate of Industry Canada. The Founders were retirees of Air Canada Airlines and in early year 2000 retirees from Canadian Airlines International and its constituent airlines joined the Pionairs.

The Air Canada Pionairs’ mission is to preserve our aviation heritage, maintain close friendships, foster a spirit of mutual aid, support the welfare of the membership and promote Air Canada.

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